About Us

Firewalking has been around for centuries. Primarily for spiritual/shamanic purposes or as a rite of passage. In the last 40 years, Firewalking has become accessible to almost anyone that would like to experience it. It is currently estimated that 6 – 8 million people on the planet have Firewalked.

Today, Firewalking is used in a wide variety of ways, everything from personal development to spiritual growth, empowerment seminars to retreats, corporate training to fire performance, and much more. The beauty of Firewalking is that it allows creativity to flourish and that is why it is used in many ways around the world.

Most Firewalk Instructors train through a few well respected and highly experienced Firewalking Schools. Firewalking Instructors have different approaches however, they are all dedicated to providing the best training they can, with safety at the fore.

Firewalk Hub has been created to support and promote all Firewalk Instructors, Master Instructors and Firewalking Schools, and there are lots of them. Some are very active conducting numerous Firewalks, Seminars, Retreats, Conferences, Courses and Events every month. Others are more sporadic and deliver one or two events each year.

Regardless of the quantity, it is the quality of their events that is important and hopefully this website will go some way to show the world how dynamic and different Firewalk Instructors can be.

Firewalk Hub is a completely free service providing Firewalk Instructors, Master Firewalk Instructors, and Firewalking Businesses a place where they can share their expertise and services. It is a place that allows them the chance to connect with their customers and signpost them to their events, courses, website and social sites.

It is free to register on Firewalk Hub as a Firewalk Instructor, Master Instructor or Firewalking Company. All that we ask in return is that you are accurate with the information that you share. Fair usage and promotion are important to us and we expect all users to accurately reflect their location, services, and categories. Refer to our Terms and Conditions for additional information.

You are welcome to contact us if you need more information.