Ana Olivegren is an international teacher and therapist who has over 30 years of experience in work focused on mental, emotional and physical health. Call therapy, primary therapy and freeing breathing are some of her most important tools. She holds courses for both companies and private groups, where she uses lightning migration as a driving force for action and results. She has been initiated by North and South American teachers to lead various ceremonies, including sweat hats and is also certified in other therapies such as Parsamtal, Reiki, Urban Tantra and Classical Massage. Ana also works as an interpreter for Swedish, English and Italian.

During the 1990s, she was the director of a youth farm, where she developed and implemented a unique method of running such activities in collaboration with school and parent society. She has created her a program to guide young people into their development into adulthood, which she now offers to schools and other centers.

In addition to this work, Ana offers relational therapy, counseling, tantric teachings, regression therapy and stress management.

With empathy, great heart and warm humor, she has guided countless individuals and couples to find their inner joy and deeper contact with themselves and others. Through direct communication, generosity and contagious joy, she reaches clients and students at a deep level and the healing laughter is never far away for those who meet her.