The Fire-Starter

The world is in need of more people who can face their fears with courage. As a Master fire-walk instructor, I’ve been running this breakthrough experience for well over ten years and have seen the fire ignite incredible courage in people. Firewalking is one of mankind’s oldest change-promoting tools. Almost every culture worldwide is known to have made effective use of fire-walking to empower, heal and purify, as well as to encourage a change.

Research proves that your reality is built on your already existing store of memories, emotions and associations. In fact, 95% of who you are is already set by the age of 35 in terms of your behaviour, responses, reactions, emotions.

If you perceive only what you know, how do you ever perceive anything new? The answer is in creating ‘blow your mind,’ ‘rock your world’ kind of experiences…and that’s the reason that Carol regularly runs fire-walks and other breakthrough events. These events shift people from ‘can’t do’ to ‘can do’ really quickly. By expanding your paradigm, you add new options to the list your brain carries around and so these events and experiences create new neural pathways… rapidly!

You can probably guess the amazing impact that you have had on our team but internally everyone has been shocked by how positive and deep the impact of this event on the business thinking has been.

The Firewalk serves as an unforgettable demonstration of human potential, courage, and as a lesson in transforming fear into positive energy as welling creating some very powerful and resourceful states!