The Conferences and Seminars of Curro Avalos are unique experiences and full of positivity and clarity. Very practical and emotional, they delve into the areas of development and personal growth , touching at times the “sensitive fiber” of those who come to them, thus enhancing their maximum performance.

Curro Avalos is a Coach who brings his own experience as a former elite athlete in the ranks of Unicaja de Baloncesto (Málaga), where for years he shared experiences and discipline with national and international basketball greats, along with his extensive knowledge in the world of the company (currently manages successfully 5 companies with his wife Sarai Ortiz).

Today he is a Coach very demanded by companies , business schools, associations , etc, with the idea of ​​moving the message he knows (High Level Sport and Business) to his audience, managing to speak clearly and without restrictions on topics of extreme importance and current.

Curro Avalos accumulates many hours of training and conferences, which endorses his management and his work, and the testimonies of those who have attended their training confirm this fact.

More than 70,000 people have been trained by Curro Avalos  in different events such as International Business Conferences, National Events, Business Courses, Public Seminars, Online Courses, etc …