To help you live the dream that your dreaming is our focus when we teach. Hence we boost your personal power so that you can use firewalking the way you want to. When you use the knowledge of the fire like this, in your own style and in the circumstances of your dreams, you are the best. This can mean everything from becoming an intimate friend of the fire and grow as a human being and maybe just doing firewalks with family and friends or to perform huge firewalks with the public.

However: To bring your dreams into reality is sometimes a big surprise. The change you undergo is a challenge when your dreams become your everyday existence. It’s a new universe with new perspectives and responsibilities – to fully live the one you are and still to change as life evolves. The fire is a metaphor for the challenges we take on, the barriers we overcome and shows the way to a new reality.

Rolf and Owsa Beckman have trained Firewalking Instructors and Firewalking Masters during 3 decades. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested to create a training that suits your demands. If you want a firewalk or become a certified firewalking instructor, train with the best of the best.