Enrique’s mission is to help people and businesses find and manage the changes they need to achieve their goals and dreams. Enrique grew up in Spain. At 13 he went to England to learn English. At 21 he graduated with an MBA from Houston.

At that age, Enrique worked as a Product Manager for Kraft Foods. He loved his work and embarked on a long and successful career in marketing. Success in the corporate marketing world also brought high stress and tension in Enrique’s life, which led him to search for a better solution. Enrique took up studies in human behavior, cognitive therapy, psychology, NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching.

After two decades working in the world of marketing in multinational environments, recreating big established brands (Kraft, Milka, Philadelphia, Camel, Winston, etc.), and creating new ones (ONO , Ya.com, Orange), Enrique found that Emotional Intelligence, NLP and Neuroscience are more effective and efficient tools for managing the changes that people seek.

In 2008 Enrique left a comfortable career and lifestyle to launch his own company. He founded Life and Business Coaching Project and developed several plans with different partners. After a very hard first year, with few successes, he founded D’Arte Coaching to train Coaches. He also created BrandCoaching, a model for marketing and branding.

In 2011 he partnered with Charles Horton to bring FIRE to Spain. The first edition was a huge success. Since then he has been doing FITS in Spain every year with profitable results. Enrique is one of the Certified Master Firewalk Instructors in the world. He regularly conducts firewalk seminars for audiences in Spain.