To lead individuals and organizations through their comfort zones and into their growth zones, creating opportunities to gain awareness of self-limiting beliefs and patterns in a safe and supportive environment; and transform those self-defeating patterns into positive ones to generate successful outcomes and effect lasting change.

Our Story

We’re often asked why there’s a foot in a flame on our Fire Power Seminars logo. Well, that’s exactly where it all started. Firewalking. Yes, firewalking … when participants cross a bed of 1,200°F coals and instantly feel the energy and power of the fire.

Many years ago, at different points in our lives, we courageously walked across beds of hot coals during firewalking events. This spirited introduction to firewalking and its transformational benefits dramatically changed the courses of our lives. We experienced undeniable change, which eventually lead us to share firewalking with others so they, too, could experience change.

We also knew we loved helping people. That may sound like a cliché, but early in the formation of Fire Power Seminars, we decided to make the commitment to helping people by providing the best possible programs and tools that deliver empowering, lasting change.

So, in 2006, we founded Fire Power Seminars and have been helping people identify and break through their limiting beliefs, fears and unproductive patterns in a safe and supportive environment.