Empowerment Seminars & Authentic Firewalks!

Once in a while, something comes along that marks a moment we remember as having positively forever changed our life….
Claudia Weber…Certified Firewalk Instructor & Empowerment Coach!
Claudia Weber and her “Ignite your Spirit” team are based in Northern California in the United States. Claudia received her world renowned instructor certification and training in Scotland, United Kingdom.
Get ready for inspiration, personal empowerment and tons of fun!  
Authentic Firewalking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of glowing red hot coals at a ceremonial fire. Firewalking has been done for thousands of years. Records of firewalking go back as far as 4000 years ago!
Claudia Weber views all of her firewalk events as individually spiritual, in each participants private and personal way.
Claudia Weber conducts all of her “Ignite your Spirit” Firewalks in honor of and in the traditions of the Native American tribes.
Firewalking has always been used to transform an individual’s energy and spirit into empowerment, strength, motivation, enlightenment and healing. The same reasons for firewalking remains to this very day! Firewalking is often used by people as an inexpensive way of overcoming their personal issues and fears, guiding them into enlightenment and knowledge about themselves.
Some people have used Firewalking to overcome their depression, feelings of being stuck in a rut, overcoming their limiting beliefs, opening themselves up for inner spiritual clarity, to transform their illnesses into healing.
Even more just want to feel the amazing THRILL of achieving something they believed is impossible!
Personal Coaching by Claudia Weber (Behavioral Therapist & Life Coach) herself would be the ultimate, but for those who are unable to afford individual coaching, Claudia offers firewalking as a tool to assist them in breaking through their fears and attaining their goals! This is why Claudia became a Certified Firewalk Instructor, so that she could help as many people as she could during these most difficult times.