Human Potential Training at Work
Freedom Firewalking ~ Inspiring Change

Freedom Firewalking does exactly as it says – releasing blocks, barriers and limiting belief patterns, enabling smooth transitions into the next stages of life.

Confidence is having the belief in your abilities and we all need topped up now and again, so here’s where the ultimate in empowerment has its place; fire-walking, filling you with well earned self belief and confidence.

Walking on fire is a life-changing activity, do NOT expect anything less.

Release Your Potential, Realise Your Dream!

Lesley Rodgers became Scotland’s first female Firewalk instructor in 1999 and has been organising personal development firewalks ever since. Walking over hot coals is something she views as an everyday occurence metaphorically, so becoming skilled and confident in being yourself is of utmost importance.

Lesley has over ten years experience in developing and delivering bespoke personal development & transformational training courses for individuals, groups and organisations…

Human Potential Training in Ayrshire, Scotland and around the UK.