To take you on a journey of self discovery, to help you break through challenges that you felt were holding you back and let you see for yourself that the courage and ability was within you all along.

It takes courage to try your level best. To take chances. To strive for a goal you have not yet achieved. To endure. In this workshop you will feel more of your courage than you realized you had. You will have a great time, you will feel energized and empowered to take on the challenges in your life, and you will get permanent bragging rights. You might even have a life-changing breakthrough — many participants do!

The Life Courage Workshop is a 3.5 hour course of challenge exercises and group discussion led by Certified Firewalking instructor Tony Simons, author of ‘The Integrity Dividend’ and professor at Cornell University. The finale is a firewalk, and you may walk as many times as you’d like, or not at all.