Mitesh is one of the best corporate trainers and motivational speakers in India. He is also founder of Guiding Light Consultants, an international training organisation.

Leadership trainer, Mitesh is famous for his expertise to create Transformation in only couple of hours of training. He does this through Experiential Training activities like Firewalking, Glass Walking, Tile Breaking, Bar Bending, etc.

Mitesh has successfully trained 300,000+ Executives in 250+ multinational organizations world-wide on corporate training programs. His main corporate training programs are Leadership Training, Motivation talk, Keynote Speaking, and High Energy Firewalking.

What makes him unique is his ability to Coach Leaders & their Teams to create Measurable Results within 60 days.

Visible growth in sales, improvement in productivity, customer satisfaction, team motivation to achieve impossible Goals are the kind significant results Mitesh Khatri is well known for.