NAPKAPU provides high-quality training and progressive development methods for both individuals and corporations that enable insight and discovery for a more profound living.

NAPKAPU is one of the world’s best Firewalking communities that also provides organizational development services. Founded by Bence L. Tarr, a Master of Firewalking Instructor Training, certified by Rolf and Åsa Beckman, John Maisel and Tolly Burkan – the father of the western Firewalking movement. Napkapu delivers over 30 Firewalks a year making it the world’s leading expert in both developmental and corporate firewalking. NAPKAPU is a trend-setter and prominent member of the international contemporary firewalking movement, a member of the United Fires collective. It is a group of human developers and specialists who support self-discovery and development with the most effective tools, tested and proven throughout the globe by thousands of individuals with the greatest diversity in cultural and industrial background, seeking self-fulfillment and growth.

With an established track record over the last 8 years, our partners find great satisfaction and personal delight in choosing between innovative and out-of-the-box development approaches ranging from individual coaching tools to large-scale corporate team building events and development seminars. We inspire, train, and enhance individuals and organizations to a higher level.