Terri Ann Laws is the trainer of the trainers and the founder of Science of Mind College, Mental Combat and Brat Control. The writer and designer of many excellent practical training courses for corporates, individuals, healers, teachers and families, Terri Ann attracts audiences and students from all over the world.

A Published Writer, Poet, Presenter, Firewalk Instructor and Motivational Speaker, Terri Ann has appeared on BBC TVUK and NDTV in India and has been writing popular articles for magazines since 2000.

An avid reader and perpetual student, Terri Ann is a qualified and certified Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Power, Hypnotherapy and Healing Arts, holds a Doctor of Alternate Healing from Calcutta University, is a trained Shaman and travels to obscure destinations globally to discover human potentials, miracles, Shamanism, comparative religions and the unexplained in search of clues, answers and uncommon wisdom.