“When you are willing to help the new generation discover the world within themselves, you do not have to teach them anything”. (-TORI-)

TORI means: story or conversation in Surinamese. Every person has his own story that wants to be told.

TORI means: letting the other person move in a careful way (function in Aikido). A tori is 100% committed.

TORI means: self-regulating system, life energy that constantly and alternately goes from the inside out.

The ‘bad’ news: we can not teach you anything. The good news? YOU can learn a lot here! What we ask of you is a healthy ambition. An open curiosity about who you are, what moves you, what you can do and where you want to go. If you want to give shape to your lifelike, unique story in this phase of your life as an enterprising child, youth or parenting coach, you will feel at home here!

What you need for this is true-to-life knowledge, inspiring guides and professional guidance that will help you take the right steps! From self-knowledge, you master your skills and gain body-based experiences. We are happy to help you become a great coach! In addition to Christa, the enthusiastic founder of TORI, you are guided by experienced coaches. And you meet guest trainers that you normally do not come into contact with. They share their life wisdom, knowledge and experience with the participants of TORI, all with a unique approach.

You will not find methods, pre-booked protocols, school desks, keys and tricks here!